Art is Not a 3 Letter Word

"Art, a simple word for some a beautiful word for me - 
It lets me write what cannot be written,
To see what cannot be photographed,
To express my thoughts where words fail
It provides shelter for my life
Shelter from the storm."


"An Ethereal World"

First Place winner Painting Ocean Shores Art Expo 2011


"Rufus" 2010 mixed media on canvas

Runner up at the Station Street postcard exhibition in Mullumbimby

"A Change of Heart"

First Prize at the Ocean Shores Expo for Mixed media




A toltec is an artist of Love,

an artist of the Spirit,

someone who is creating every moment,

every second, the most beautiful art - 

the art of Dreaming.

Life is nothing but a dream,

and if we are artists,

then we can create our life with Love,

and our dream becomes

a masterpiece of art..

"The Mastery of Love"